Our Ice Cream

We take great care to ensure that our ice creams are pure and free from all chemicals, artificial colours, preservatives, artificial emulsifiers and stabilisers. All of our ice creams are gluten-free (except for oreo and tiramisu) and are handmade using traditional Italian artisan ice cream makers in the original way, where each ice cream has its own unique recipe compiled by ice cream maker Honza Hochsteiger.

Also, the pasteurisation process that all cream ice creams go through is done separately for each type without cooking the so-called "white base" that is commonly produced by most even good ice cream makers. All of this ensures that Crème de la Crème ice creams have a perfect texture and a full, strong flavour that is unique and original to them.

Availability of ice cream types

Ice Cream Salon Národní 341/23, Praha 1
Ice Cream Shop Průběžná 1939/58, Praha 10
Ice Cream Shop Pod Kaštany 236/2, Praha 6
Ice Cream Shop Husova 231/12, Praha 1
Ice Cream Shop Francouzská 761/21, Praha 2

Loyalty card for points

Buy any two servings of our ice cream and you will receive one stamp for your loyalty card. For ten stamps, we'll happily give you a free large ice cream as a gift for your loyalty.

Creamy Ice Cream

Our ice creams are made from quality South Bohemian milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, grape sugar, a small amount of St. John's bread or carob seeds and then, depending on the flavour, contain 100% nut pastes from important Italian regions that are renowned and typical for them. For example, we have Bronte pistachios (pistacchii verde di Bronte) from as far away as Sicily, or Piemonte hazelnuts (nocciole Piemonte) from the north of Italy above Turin, or walnuts from Sorrento (noci di Sorrento) from as far south as Naples.

Creamy Ice Creams offer

Stracciatella - pure and light creamy fior di latte ice cream combined with extra large pieces of Callebaut dark chocolate.
Oreo - world famous cocoa biscuits combined with white velvety cream fior di latte ice cream.
Lavender - why is our lavender white? Because it doesn't contain lavender soap! Dried, fragrant lavender flowers are simmered in cream for several hours to create this unique ice cream.
Coconut - not dried shredded coconut, but soft and juicy coconut pulp from Sri Lanka leached in cream - that's our coconut.
Berry yoghurt - who doesn't like fruity yoghurt. Ours contains blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants. All with Hollandia organic yoghurt.
Vanilla - the most classic and basic of ice creams. No extract, no dried crushed pods with skins. Vanilla pods of the Bourbon variety from Madagascar are simmered with cream, left to infuse, and then, when they release their juices, squeezed out. The vanilla flavour is in the pods, not just the seeds.
Tiramisu - Tira mi su - means pull me up in Italian. A great ice cream in the manner of a great dessert.
Caramel - We make our own caramel for caramel ice cream to make it the best.
Salted Caramel - made from our own caramel, with the addition of fine sea salt.
Salted Peanut - one of our best sellers. Together with pistachio, it's a brilliant combination. Delicious peanut butter combines with fine sea salt.
Walnut - our walnut comes from the Sorrento region of Italy. It's strong tasting and not bitter at all.
Coffee - espresso would be a better name. There's an espresso hidden in every serving of our coffee ice cream.
Pistachio - 100% from Bronte in Sicily, one of our best ice creams.
Hazelnut - 100% IGP, from the Piedmont region of northern Italy.
Baileys - our specialty creamy ice cream is actually made with Beileys - no substitutes, no tresti essence - just Beileys.
Dark Chocolate - a classic Italian chocolate ice cream made with Dutch quality De zaan cocoa. It is one of the most chocolatey of all chocolate ice creams.
Choco Salt Caramel - classic chocolate ice cream pairs perfectly with our homemade caramel and sea fine salt.
Choco Chilli - classic Dutch cocoa De zaan chocolate infused with fresh jalapenos.

Fruit sorbets

A true Italian sorbet contains fruit, water and sugar. On the other hand, it should contain nothing but these three basic ingredients. All our fruit sorbets in Crème de la Crème are exactly that. The fruit content is usually around 35% and the complete elimination of chemicals, emulsifiers and stabilizers is a matter of course for us. All our fruit sorbets are therefore 100% vegan.

Fruit sorbets offer

Lemon, Mojito, Passion fruit, Mango, Mango chilli, Sea buckthorn rosemary, Orange campari, Strawberry, Strawberry basil, Berries, Grenadine, Blueberry lavender

Vegan Ice Creams (non-fruit)

After six months of research and experimentation, ice cream maker Honza created a basic line of vegan non-fruit ice creams so that vegans can also enjoy our great ice creams.

The basis of our vegan ice creams are vegetable bio-milks, rice, hazelnut and almond, which give our vegan ice creams their characteristic taste, and natural chicory fibre, in turn, ensures their impeccable texture. We sweeten these ice creams with cane and grape sugar and none of them ever contain gluten or soy and of course, they don't contain milk, cream or eggs.

Vegan Ice Creams offer

Coconut, Walnut, Pistachio, Salted Peanut, Dark Chocolate.

Ice Creams without added sugar

Our healthy ice creams contain no added sugar, only lactose, which is naturally found in milk. They do not contain cream and are therefore low in animal fat - only 1.9%. We use stevia and stevia-based sweeteners as sweeteners. They are therefore lighter and healthier than conventional ice cream.

Healthy Ice Creams offer

Nougat, Pistachio, Salted Peanut.

Special and Seasonal Ice Cream

In addition to our regular ice cream menu, we offer special flavours every week. We make these from fruits or ingredients that are typical for the specific season.

1.4. - 30.4.2024

Yoghurt with chocolate

The first spring month of April is upon us and it will be marked by Yogurt Ice Cream! Come and try our Yogurt with Chocolate.

With love,
Your Ice Cream!

1.4. - 30.4.2024

yoghurt with honey and walnuts

Another ice cream speciality we recommend in April is our yoghurt with honey and walnuts.

With love .... Your ice cream

Our Ice Cream Shops

Ice Cream Salon Národní
Národní 341/23, Praha 1
image/svg+xml 11:00 - 22:30
Ice Cream Shop Průběžná
Průběžná 1939/58, Praha 10
image/svg+xml 11:00 - 20:00
Ice Cream Shop Pod Kaštany
Pod Kaštany 236/2, Praha 6
image/svg+xml 11:00 - 20:00
Ice Cream Shop Husova
Husova 231/12, Praha 1
image/svg+xml 11:00 - 22:00
Ice Cream Shop Francouzská
Francouzská 761/21, Praha 2
image/svg+xml 11:00 - 21:30

What else you want to know

Yes, it is possible to organize a party, meeting, workshop or celebration in all our locations. Contact us and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

We do not yet produce special birthday cakes with a description on request, it is possible to buy a whole cake from our range of cakes. However, you need to order at least 3 days in advance.

All types of ice cream, including healthy and vegan, are always retailed at the same price depending on the portion size. That's how it was, is and will remain.

Yes, it is possible to order ice cream with home delivery. However, the minimum order for home delivery and free delivery is 6 kg in the area of Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3 and 10 kg for other districts. Outside of Prague individual price of delivery, depending on the distance.

Natural chicory fibre - inulin.

One bottomless cup is valid for one person (others may not help taste) per visit and per sitting. A family bottomless cup is valid for two adults and up to three children per visit and per sitting.

How long does ice cream last in the home freezer?

Our cones are not vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free, but Mr. Zmrzlinka is working hard on a recipe that will meet all of these parameters :)

You can buy ice cream at home in 0.5 kg or 1 kg packages. To survive the journey to your home, you will receive it from us in a polystyrene thermo bath, where it will last about 40 minutes, if it is not too hot even longer.

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