Master ice cream maker Honza Hochsteiger,

born 17.9.1980 in Prague, has been making ice cream since 2002. For a long time he worked for important Italian ice cream makers who ran Cream & Dream and Cremeria Milano in Prague. For more than four years he worked and lived in Italy in Trento, where he gained experience to open his own business. In April 2015, he opened Crème de la Crème, an Italian artisan ice cream shop in the centre of Prague at 12 Husova Street, and established direct cooperation with the chefs of Ambiente restaurants, with whom he creates recipes for special non-traditional ice creams for their menus. He credits both his technical training and his experience at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, for the correct calculation of the recipes.


Honza Hochsteiger is an enthusiastic expert on the entire history of ice cream production, studying the original artisanal historical production methods and their application in modern gastronomy. He is a vocal advocate of making ice cream from basic ingredients without the use of so-called bases - white ice cream mass, which is only flavoured with individual ice cream flavours during production. In addition to many satisfied customers, his work has also been appreciated by visitors to the Prague Ice Cream Festival, where he was awarded the title of Golden Ice Cream Maker of the Festival for the third time. In 2018, he moved his ice cream and cake production from the centre of Prague to new large premises in Prague's Strašnice and opened the Ice Cream Parlour on Národní třída - a classy place with the widest range of artisan quality ice creams in the country.