Our Cakes

All our cakes are made in our own artisan bakery in Dejvice, Prague. As with our ice cream, we are absolutely uncompromising in the selection of the best ingredients, everything is made by hand and semi-finished products, powdered mixes and ready-bought shells are avoided in our artisanal factory. Our pastry chef, Mirka brings to her work the experience of her many years at Ambiente.

Macaroons - we don't colour them - this is the basic principle of our macaroons. We believe in the flavours of ingredients and not colours. In addition to vanilla and chocolate macaroons, we also produce hazelnut and pistachio macaroons.

Sachr - our sachr differs from the original one in that it is softer and softer. But we definitely don't skimp on the chocolate.

Cheesecake - a delicious and delicate Philadelphia along with a subtle lemon flavour and a crunchy crust - that's our cheesecake.

Walnut cake - we replaced the classic flour with healthier buckwheat flour. Nut lovers will be satisfied.

Black forest - classic and delicious. Cream - chocolate - cherries, and all topped with tons of chocolate shavings! That's all you need for happiness.

Tiramisu - brilliantly perfected recipe, original Savoiardi biscuits and quality mascarpone from Galbani.

Poppy seed cake