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Gelato showroom

In 1960, a group of houses in Průběžná Street near the Radošovická tram stop was completed for the Czechoslovak Trade Bank in Prague's Strašnice. The special and unique feature of these three house blocks is the arcade where the shops are located. And here is our Gelato Showroom - a craft gelato parlor with its own factory, artisan cake bakery..The vintage design corresponds to the style of the 1960s as well as in details such as lighting, light switches or door handles. The storage rack, which is the dominant feature of the entire space, has been preserved from the former hardware store, which has been operating here for 50 years.

The showroom has 22 kinds of classic, vegan and healthy sugar-free gelato on the menu. Top quality coffee, cakes from our own bakery and savoury and sweet crepes.

The showroom offers one speciality every week, made by ice cream maker master Honza Hochsteiger - usually made only for the top Prague hotels and restaurants. We do not commonly have these special kinds of gelato in other parlors so it is time limited and it changes every week, therefore we recommend to check our website or social media for more informations about current offers.

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