Gift vouchers

We can provide you our gift vouchers in worth of 100, 200 or 500,- (CZK). You can also suprise somebody with a voucher for 1kg ice cream take away tub or one of our options of botomless cups in two variations: single person for 300,- (CZK) and a family sized cup suitable for two adults and up to three children for 600,- (CZK). Any of these vouchers can’t be used for purchase of alcoholic drinks and are valid for the time period of 12 months.

Gift vouchers with maximum amount of 5 can be prepared without any prior notice in all of our gelato parlors.

If you are interested in bigger amount of gift vouchers, please use our order form down below to indicate the numbers, types of vouchers and establishment where you wish to collect them. Please note that we are not able to send your gift vouchers via email nor post and it can only be hand over in person. All required payments are handled at your chosen parlor in cash or with credit card.

So don’t hesitate and make somebody’s day brighter!

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